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Awesome Quotes Worth a Read!

I’ve collected some great quotes over the years. As I have time, I’ll post them here for you to read and use. If you have some you think are great, share them in a comment below or email me at Enjoy!





I don’t know who to attribute this quote to. I found it on a Facebook timeline and just loved the message.



  1. Matt @ momanddadmoney

    I love that first one about facing your fears! That’s actually something I’ve intentionally been trying to take to heart recently. As cheesy as it is, I really like the lyrics from that Avicii song “wake me up”: “I don’t know where the journey will end, but I know where to start”. Fear is natural, but running from it will keep us from ever obtaining whatever it is we really want. If we want to find true happiness, we’ll have to do things that scare us.

    • Ree Klein

      Yeah, I think it’s a never-ending struggle to conquer fears. Just as we get one knocked out, another one shows up! But life would be boring otherwise!