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Must See Videos!

On this page you’ll find a collection of must see videos I’ve watched and found very helpful; they come from some of my favorite people on the web. The ones I share have a relationship to the subject matter here on Escaping Dodge, namely challenging your attitudes and beliefs about money, making a plan and taking action and cultivating your income.

I’ll update this page regularly so come back from time-to-time to see what’s new.

Challenge Your Beliefs

Marie Forleo is one of my favorite business coaches on the web today. Her material is awesome and certainly worthy of your time. Here’s a great video from her Q&A Tuesday series where she talks about shifting your money mindsets. There are more great tips from the readers in the comments section, too!

Robert Kiyoski is one of my favorite personal finance authors and educators. His books Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Cashflow Quadrant are on the top of my recommended reading list. His definition of an asset vs a liability completely changed the way I looked at what I owned. He also has a mind-blowing visual using a simple model for an income statement and balance sheet. It is worth your time to watch this 18 minute video.

Oh, and a shout out to one of my readers, Brenda, who mentioned in an email that she and her husband recently watched one of Robert Kiyosaki’s videos and how much they they loved his explanation of how people spend money. Based on her email, I thought I’d add one of Robert’s videos to this list.

Make a Plan and Take Action

Here’s another great video from Marie Forleo’s Q&A Tuesday series. This is an interview with Danielle LaPorte who is the creator of the Desire Map. I’m ordering this book and will try on her approach to goal setting because what she said in this video really resonated with me. Let me know what you think after watching the video!

Cultivate Your Income

Here’s another great Marie Forleo video you should watch if you’re at all interested in earning income from a “side hustle” or a full-time business.