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Ree’s Net Worth Tracker

I never started this blog with the intention of sharing my financial details with the world; however, I think it’s important for people to see my progress in relationship to my story because it illustrates that you can go from being terrible with money to building wealth.


  • At roughly age 30, I was bankrupt and still had debt. That was my wake-up call that something had to change.
  • These numbers are based on my income/assets/debts only and do not include data about my Mr.
  • I will not receive any form of pension.
  • My full-time employment ended in 2014 with the shut down of the company I worked for.
  • I currently live off money I saved knowing that the job would be ending and a small amount of income from contract work and other sources.
  • When the right job comes up, I’ll jump at it but until then I’m building new skills and investing in my myself by reading, taking courses and attending seminars.


  • “Retire” no later than 65. Earlier if I reach my $1.6 m net worth goal before then. By “retire” I mean that I can live exclusively off the income produced by my assets. I don’t plan to sit like a lump on a couch!
  • Build a business that is rewarding, helps people and generates income. Escaping Dodge is the home base for that business.


  • Social Security income was not considered when determining my net worth goal.
  • I’m looking for a range of $48k to $64k annual income generated from my investments.
  • I’ll withdraw at a rate of 4% annually or less if interest rates are low to preserve capital.
  • I won’t purchase long-term care insurance because I consider my home my insurance against the risk of needing to pay for that service.