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LeavingDodgeRBlogs are great, but sometimes it can be hard to find the logical flow. This “Start Here” page will help you navigate through some of the core topics and get you rolling on your journey to become debt-free and prosperous. You may want to check out The Community page to see if you find yourself described there. That’s a great place to start!

Challenge Your Beliefs

These topics will help you examine your beliefs about money and the ideas are you holding onto that keep you stuck in Dodge.

Have You Ever Started a Journey Without a Destination? (includes a free download of the Dodge to Prosperity Map)

How to Tell If Your Story May Be Hurting You – Part I

How to Tell If Your Story May Be Hurting You – Part II

Spender vs Saver — Which One Are You?

3 Golden Reasons You Should Think of Your Dollars as Employees

Is it Possible to Be Too Generous?

The Art of Personal Archaeology

Mentors Are Hiding Everywhere

Why a Marriage Manifesto is Better Than a Prenuptial Agreement

Make a Plan and Take Action

These topics provide ideas and techniques for eliminating debt, avoiding “emergencies” and building cash reserves.

Part I – Does Your Spending Support Your Values

Part II – Does Your Spending Support Your Values (includes a free worksheet)

How Many Paychecks Away Are You From Living on the Street?

Reduce Financial Emergencies With One Simple Strategy (includes a free worksheet) This post covers the concept of creating a Future Capital Expense (FCE) account. One of the single most important strategies I used to get out of debt and plan for expenses I knew were coming.

A Simple 2-Step Test to Ensure You’re Ready for Retirement

Part I – Why You Should Have a 10-year Plan This three-part series describes one of the fundamental strategies I used to stay on track and build wealth. You won’t regret doing this!

Part II – Setting 10-year Plan Goals

Part III – Charting Your 10-year Plan Progress (includes a free worksheet)

Myth – He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins

10 Self-imposed Taxes That You Can Eliminate Now!

Are You Affected by the Polarity of Money?

Cultivate Your Income

Topics here aim to help you discover ways to increase your income and with it, both your spending and saving.

References Available Upon Request…Really?

A Surefire Method for Getting a Letter of Recommendation

Blue Collar, White Collar…Now No Collar

5 Reasons to Turn Your Job into a Career

How Corporate Culture Affects Your Bottom Line

Do You Pursue Ideas or Let Them Die?

This page will be updated as new topics are posted under each category.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and wealthy future,