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How Do You Know If You Belong in The Community?

The Escaping Dodge Community is a blend of people on the path to Prosperity. Some are making progress along the road while others are already residents of that much-coveted place.

People tend to predominantly fall into one of four categories when it comes to money behaviors. Most of us exhibit some traits from them all. Here are the categories:

  • In Denial
  • Feel Like a Failure
  • Making Progress
  • Money Master

Below are more detailed descriptions of each type but remember, these descriptions are just to get you thinking. See which ones best describe you and then consider joining the Escaping Dodge Community.

In Denial

Denial Dust Devil

Chances are if you’ve read this far you’re not exclusively a member of this group. People firmly In Denial tend to have their heads stuck in the sand and don’t want to change, even though their lives are continuously damaged by their financial dust devils.  They blame external factors for their debt and the fact that they can never get ahead. It’s always someone or something else’s fault; they feel the forces affecting their lives feel out of their control.

Deniers tend to:

  • Buy whatever they want even if it puts them further in debt.
  • Consciously or unconsciously want to impress others with what they have.
  • Worry that being money conscious precludes having fun.
  • Believe that they will always have car and/or mortgage debt.
  • Say things like, “I’ll never retire; I’ll just work ‘till I drop!”

Feel Like a Failure



People who resonate with this category know that they have to change to improve their futures. They are tired of spending sleepless nights worrying about which bills to pay and whether they’ll keep their jobs. Yet they don’t know what to do.

You may recognize yourself in some or all of these statements. People like this tend to:

  • Behave much like the In Denial group, even while realizing that something’s got to change.
  • Beat themselves up for overspending.
  • Feel depressed about their bleak-looking futures.
  • Get a little traction on paying off debt, only to be derailed by a seeming “emergency.”
  • Hang out with people not interested in improving their financial futures.

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Making Progress

CoinTreeIcon People who see themselves mostly in the Making Progress category are in the process of transforming their relationship with money and may have already achieved some success. They are actively working on a plan to eliminate debt, save money and increase their incomes. They have challenged their attitudes and beliefs regarding money and taken action to join the ranks of the prosperous. You can recognize people in this stage because they tend to:

  • Track where their money goes and work from some form of budget or spending plan.
  • Save at least 10% of their gross earnings.
  • Have a plan for where they want to be financially in five to 10 years.
  • Believe in being debt free and work toward that goal.
  • Have relationships with others who are like-minded.
  • Openly communicate with their partners about money.

If this describes you, please click this Join Now! link to join the Escaping Dodge Community now. I’m certain that you’ll find at least a few nuggets of valuable information.

 Money Master

Money Master TreeSome people are simply born into this category; the ones wired to be savers and not carry any debt. Others can evolve into this category over time. It’s not uncommon to exhibit some traits of this category while still struggling in other areas.

Money Masters tend to:

  • Carry no debt at all or carry some strategically without jeopardizing financial security.
  • Live off their investment income or are on track to do so upon retirement.
  • Periodically review their investments, making adjustments based on their situations or the economy.
  • Easily distinguish between problems and true emergencies with the resources to respond to either.
  • Not care what others think of their lifestyles  (meaning they never worry about what the “Jonses” are up to).
  • Never make impulse buys.

If this describes you, I would be delighted to have you in the Escaping Dodge community. Your experience and advice may be exactly what others need to start moving forward. Mentoring is a powerful form of giving and your comments and emails – anonymous if you wish – would be a major contribution. Please click this Join Now! link to begin taking part.

A Call to Action

Welcome to Prosperity Sign If you see yourself described in any of these categories, you may be a perfect fit for the Escaping Dodge community. Here you can ask questions, share your story, add your comments or become a mentor. Wherever you are on the path, I encourage you to take action by engaging in a community that supports the journey toward Prosperity. It is my hope that you find the materials and interactions on this site engaging, interesting and useful, and that your life becomes richer because of your participation.


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Last revision: 11/10/15